Building Fresh Supps, PricePlow’s 2023 Rookie of The Year

As recapped in PricePlow’s 2023 Supplement Industry Awards, one of the year’s most exciting launches was Fresh Supps. The upstart brand, created by popular industry veteran Greg Helton, made serious moves in a short amount of time after going live on February 1st, 2024 as announced on their @myfreshsupps Instagram page.[1]

Fresh Supps: The 2023 Rookie of the Year Supplement Brand

Fresh Supps ended the year with three supplements, the first two covered on PricePlow in the links below:

After Fresh Supps won PricePlow’s 2023 Rookie of the Year award, we had a conversation with founder Greg Helton to learn a few of his secrets to success.

So far, PricePlow has seen a total of 11 SKUs from Fresh, coming from seven Pre-Workout flavors so far, three in Amino, and one in creatine – impressive for the first year out!

With their success, we named Fresh the 2023 Rookie of the Year, a title that nobody has really disputed.

Greg Helton: Master of Relationships and Win-Win Partnerships

We spoke with Greg Helton (known as @thesuppwolf on Instagram) to congratulate him, get a bit of his secret sauce, and see what’s coming in 2024 for Fresh Supps. The call was worth the wait:

Leveraging the network

When launching Fresh, Greg leveraged his network — and during his years with Musclesport and RYSE Supps, he certainly built up a solid Rolodex. Where this really came in handy was a Fresh network of brick-and-mortar stores that could rely on Greg to do the right thing.

Greg Helton

For instance, Greg has done a few things to support local retailers and small businesses — which, as he correctly states, are the lifeblood of the American economy. For example:

  • Fresh Supps is willing to take smaller margins to support these retailers
  • Greg is providing territory exclusivity to his greatest accounts. This means that you won’t find Fresh Pre-Workout at every store — if you want it now, you’re going to have to go with a premiere Fresh partner.
  • Fresh is willing to offer a free bottle here or there to encourage live sampling at stores.
  • Some of Fresh’s best partners will have access to exclusive flavors as well (see the next section)

This level of networking and support landed Fresh Supps some early international wins as well, such as distribution as far as India and South Africa.[2,3]

Driving foot traffic to the stores

Fresh Supps Pre

Fresh Supps Pre-Workout is the tried-and-true, delicious tasting pre-workout from one of the industry’s freshest looking brands

However, Fresh isn’t just relying on local retailers to do the work for him. You’ve got to drive traffic to the stores — it’s not the other way around! As such, he’s providing product to numerous flavor reviewers on TikTok, while getting the educational word out there with technical media outlets like PricePlow.

The goal is for the local store to become a destination, not for the store to have to push the brand themselves. In return, the stores get new customers (and hopefully can stack in some extra product sales) and can maintain some margin. It’s a win-win, and although it’s not rocket science, too many brands forget this.

Remember, brands can’t just jump over to GNC or Vitamin Shoppe without having a following — you won’t succeed unless you drive the foot traffic!

Coming next for Fresh: A Nutrition Faktory Exclusive Flavor!

As a perfect example, Fresh Supps is announcing an exclusive Pre-Workout flavor for Nutrition Faktory, who’s opening a large 8,000 square foot location in Murfeesboro, TN.

That flavor will be called Faktory Pink Lemonade, and in case you’re wondering, it won’t just be a colored version of the existing Lemon Italian Ice flavor. Instead, this one’s built from the ground up, and will be a sour pink lemonade.

Fresh Supps Preworkout Yeti Berry

Fresh Supps perviously had a Yeti Berry limited-edition drop, but next they’re doing a store exclusive with Nutrition Faktory!

We’ll cover this announcement separately, and will have to compare it to last summer’s Ghost Energy Pink Lemonade, which was the most recent Sour Pink Lemonade to really capture our taste buds. We’re confident Greg will make it just as good.

Affiliates to come

Greg also mentioned that this is the year he’ll start looking for affiliates, hoping to bring in a couple solid influencers who can rep the Fresh.

He noted that Ghost, RYSE, and Alani Nu obviously dominate with top-tier influencers, while brands like Cellucor and MuscleTech almost don’t even need major influencers (but have them as well), transcending generations with their epic distribution.

Somewhere below that is where brands like Fresh have to come, and Greg’s on a mission to do it without undercutting his retail partners discussed above.

Given that Greg was with Ryse when they exploded from 3 to 80 some million dollars in revenue, he’s seen plenty of crazy hockey-sticking, and has surely learned a thing or two.

Follow PricePlow and Fresh for some major happenings coming soon

Fresh Supps Logo

We’re excited to watch (and participate) as Helton pushes Fresh Supps into 2024. We’ll definitely need to get him on the PricePlow Podcast for another run — it’s been far too long since his 2020 Supplement Roundtable Video appearance or when he joined us in Episode #040 of the Podcast… but we’re waiting until we cook up something extra special before having him on.

Until then, sign up for PricePlow’s Fresh Supps news alerts, and get ready for the forthcoming Faktory Lemonade flavor… and one other thing that we’ll be excited to tell you about very shortly!

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